Upcoming Workshops

Oral History Interviewer Training
Saturday, May 15th

Free and open to all (space may be limited)

As part of the Flatbush Eats storytelling initiative, we are creating an oral history collection on the theme of food in our neighborhood. We invite all Flatbush-PLG community members to become volunteer interviewers for this project.

On May 15th, we will hold an interviewer training session over Zoom. No prior oral history experience is necessary. We will provide an overview of the practice, ethics, and methodology of oral history interviewing, as well as specific instruction on conducting interviews remotely. You will leave with the necessary tools to interview your neighbors, family members, and friends and to contribute these interviews to the Flatbush Eats collection.

To register, email: info@voicesoflefferts.org

Writing Workshops

We hold an annual free writing workshop for neighborhood residents. The workshop runs for 8 sessions over 16 weeks in the spring, on Saturdays. Each workshop session is two hours long, initially focusing more on discussion than writing as participants share stories, concerns, questions, and dreams about the neighborhood. By the third session, participants write and workshop drafts, getting feedback from project coaches and other community members. After each workshop series ends, editors continue to work with writers in a period of revision and editing. Manuscripts then undergo copyediting and proofing. Our photographers conduct shoots with each writer, creating documentary photography of the locations and stories discussed in the written piece. All participants are invited to work with us through to the final publication of their work, which is celebrated twice a year at author readings held at Greenlight Bookstore.

We invite any community member with an interest in telling a story about their experience here to join a workshop. We welcome writers of any level, including those who have little to no comfort with writing. Information about how to sign up, and other ways to participate in Voices of Lefferts, can be found here.

Oral History Workshops

We hold periodic oral history interviewer trainings to provide neighborhood residents with the skills to interview their neighbors, family members, and community members. Trainings are typically 3 hours long and provide an overview of ethical approaches to interviewing, how to conduct an oral history interview, and recording tools and techniques. Due to COVID-19, we are currently training interviewers on remote interviewing techniques, using video calling and phone calling. After receiving training, interviewers are invited to contribute interviews to the Voices of Lefferts oral history collection, which will be archived through the Brooklyn Collection at the Brooklyn Public Library and made available for public listening through this website.

To receive information about our next oral history interviewer training, join our mailing list, email us, or check back on our website.

Alexis Holloway

Alexis Holloway

Alexis Holloway

Alexis Holloway